We're Committed to Kwahluzingqondo High
Zosukuma Kunene inspires an epic group hug!
Kunene Street Sign
Awesome Durban street sign in honor of Prof. Kunene!
Zwakala Poetry Contest
KwaHluzingqondo students are winners!
Students Love New Library
We're accepting Book Donations for our new library!
We're in the Newspaper!
Thanks to generous donations, our students have a computer lab!
Kunene Center of Excellence Gets Results
We came from zero distinctions in 2009 to 19 distinctions in 2013!!
We Remember Anti-apartheid Allies
Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas(on far right) with Mrs. Kunene
Emperor Shaka the Great
Emperor Shaka Facts: - Mazisi Kunene wrote this epic by hand & in zulu. - The book was given to anti-apartheid comrades in order to inspire them on the battlefields of freedom. - The book was published in 1979 by William Heinemann Ltd. & later reprinted in 1984, 1986, 1993. - UN selected an excerpt of Emperor Shaka to be translated & published into every living language.
Madala Kunene
Known as the "King of Zulu Guitar", the Kunene Foundation has been fortunate to feature Madala's Oscar-nominated talents.
Enriching the Community
The improvements we make to KwaHluzingqondo High School, strengthen the surrounding community of Amahlongwa. We dream of creating Night School for adults to take Job Training, Literacy & Parenting Courses.
Dance Programs
We recognize the intellectual, cultural & developmental value of dancing. As it is around the globe, South African dance is an essential element of traditional ceremonies & celebrations. It's a powerful tool for intercultural exchange & the promotion of unity amongst all people.
Art Courses
Traditional & contemporary art instruction promotes developmental skills, creates job opportunities & encourages self-expression.
We Raised the Pass Rate
From 33% in 2009 to 87% in 2013!
Anti-apartheid Leader
By opening the first ANC office in Europe & America, Mazisi Kunene brought the anti-apartheid struggle to the world!
Tutors & Teachers Lead the Way
We've created an effective tutorial program, that reinforces & supplements school curriculum. Better facilities & instructional support help teachers do their best.
Thanks to Kunene family friend Alitash Kebede for inviting our friend CCH Pounder to read Mazisi Kunene's work in Los Angeles. CC is a highly acclaimed actress with over 124 acting credits, including the movie Avatar.
Thank You Donors
How can children who have so few resources, achieve success in this competitive, digital age? We salute our funding partners for their support & forward-thinking!
Outside the Centre of Excellence
Mrs. Kunene is seen here with Centre supporters in Amahlongwa.
Support Computer Labs
We are proud to be able to offer KwaHluzingqondo students access to computers on campus! Please help us to maintain & upgrade this essential resource.
Mazisi Kunene Manuscript Museum
Located in Glenwood, Durban, this unique museum has hosted hundreds of visitors to the last place that Prof. Kunene called home.
Mrs. Kunene Wins Award
For her tireless work, Mrs. Kunene has been named a Woman of Excellence & awarded Social Entrepreneur of the Year!
Visit the Centre of Excellence
We invite volunteers to offer their talents, ideas & time to the Centre of Excellence and our many programs!
Professor Kunene
Known primarily as an activist, an intellectual & a writer, Professor Kunene should also be known as a lifelong educator, who loved his students!
We're Making Progress
From a library, to a librarian, a computer lab, to a science lab, we're making progress - one improvement at a time!